We’ll map out  the perfect strategy for your campaign and provide you with the structure you need to achieve your goals.


First we’ll lay the groundwork, then we’ll help you build the crowd that will propel your campaign forward from day one.


The first few days of your campaign are critical to your success, we’ll make sure they’re nothing less than glorious.


Go big or go home, that’s out motto. Our number goal is to help you launch the most successful campaign possible!


Launch The Right Way

Monta Alta is a crowdfunding strategy group whose partner network includes successful campaign owners, strategists, marketers, influencers and investors.

With over 5 years of experience in the crowdfunding space, Monta Alta, and partners, have launched some of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns for it’s members and clients.


We have developed a science for maximizing the success of client crowdfunding projects, from pre-campaign to post-campaign, with an emphasis on a few core processes we believe make or break a campaign! Furthermore, our process is designed to scale and match the needs of any raise.





Monta Alta

Research / Strategic Planning

We’ll help you understand the market landscape for your product, define your target audience and develop a pre-campaign marketing strategy.

Website Creation / Social Channels

Launching a successful campaign requires strict preparation and follow through. We’ll work to create a custom plan just for your project and your specific goals.

Crowdbuilding / Lead Nurturing

Building your audience before you launch is essential to your success, we’ll develop a targeted traffic acquisition strategy and make sure we keep your subscribers happy.

PR / Influencer Marketing

We’ll help you connect with top media outlets and leverage the support of relevant influencers that will cast your project to their followers and grow your brand.

Campaign Design / Video

We’ll make sure your campaign has all the right ingredients for success and produce a crowdfunding video that will blow your socks off.

Management / Consultation

Crowdfunding is an art, leave it to us to make sure your campaign runs smoothly and successfully. It’s what we’re good at.


Monta Alta